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roman museum weissenburg

The Roman Museum Weissenburg is the central information centre for the Bavarian part of the Limes World Heritage Site. With its unique finds, it offers an interesting insight into the life of the population on the northern border of the Imperium Romanum: From the beginnings in the early second century to the retreat of the troops in the middle of the third century AD.

Breathtaking - the Weissenburg treasure, which is unique in its composition and quality to this day. Artfully crafted bronze statuettes of gods, votive offerings and high-quality objects from the domestic sphere, such as richly decorated wine jugs and figurative table chandeliers, illustrate the remarkable luxury and standard of living of individuals who were part of the Limes population at the time. Sophisticatedly illuminated, the works of art on display reveal their spectacular, elegant beauty. The museum is fully accessible.

Martin Luther-Platz 3-5
91781 Weißenburg i. Bay.
T 09141 907189
F 09141 907121

Please refer to the museum's website for current opening hours.