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permanent exhibition

The Archaeological State Collection was founded in 1885 as the "Prehistoric Collection of the State". With its five departments - prehistory, Roman period, the Medieval and modern period, extra-Bavarian finds and numismatics (coinage) - it has an extraordinarily rich collection of archaeological material. Interested visitors can discover more than 15,000 objects in the new permanent galleries alone and immerse themselves in the adventure of archaeology over an area of around 1,200 square metres.

The concept of the exhibition on two levels picks up on the archaeological approach and the major themes of cultural history. On the ground floor, visitors are given an insight into the basics and methods of archaeology. On the upper floor, large numbers of objects are used to illustrate the key aspects of human existence (housing, food, values, identity, beliefs, etc.) over the millennia.

Displays, interactive stations and an informative media guide make a visit to the architecturally sophisticated building with its striking Corten steel façade an experience for young and old. In addition to the archaeological finds, comic-strips by Munich artist Frank Schmolke have also found their way into the museum. They aim to appeal to visitors on an emotional level and encourage them to make mental leaps between the past and present.

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