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press area

Welcome to the press area of the Bavarian State Archaeological Collection. Here you will find press releases and images for download as well as background material on our museum. Please note that the images may only be used for current journalistic pieces and are protected by copyright. The image material can be used free of charge for press and media coverage in connection with our museum, provided that the copyrights are cited as mentioned.

We would be delighted if you could send us a copy or link to your contribution after publication.

If you have any further questions or are interested in an original soundbite or interview, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are interested in a co-operation, please also contact us.


Julia Landgrebe
089 12599691-43

press mailing list

If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please send an e-mail with your full contact details and the name of the medium to:

Here you will find relevant general information and images of our museum for use in editorial reporting.

Facts & Figures Museum

Images Museum
© Archaeological State Collection, Stefanie Friedrich

Private photography and filming
Private photography and filming that is not published is generally permitted in our museum without any additional equipment (tripod, flash, etc.) and does not require any further authorisation. If the recordings are to be published at a later date for commercial use, please contact We are happy about recordings that are shared with us on social media! (please tag: @asm.muc)

Editorial and commercial photography and filming
In general, photography and filming is of course possible in the Archaeological State Collection. In order not to disturb visitors and to protect the exhibits, the technical effort required for filming must be kept to a minimum. In addition, all film and photo work must be registered and approved in advance. As the work will be supervised by the press department and security staff, we ask that you give us sufficient advance notice in the event of editorial enquiries that are not on a daily basis. As photography and filming entail a high additional personnel and financial outlay for us, we have to charge fees for commercial recordings. For enquiries, please contact the press office with a brief description of the project and details of the client.

The stock of archaeological finds from all over Bavaria is documented in over 20,000 high-resolution images for reproduction purposes.

Digital colour photographs
High-resolution images and reproduction rights for commercial and scientific purposes can be obtained from the following address: If possible, please include the desired photo number with your order.

Copyright - Copyright
Please note: The reproduction permissions granted by the Archaeological State Collection relate only to the photo provided. Copyrights on the building - especially for interior photographs where the architecture is not just an "incidental accessory" - must be clarified separately for publications! This also applies to privately produced photographs in the event of publication.