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south swabian archaeological museum mindelheim

The South Swabian Archaeological Museum is housed in the Jesuit College (17th century). A brief outline of the history of planet earth and an explanation of the geology and topography of the region provide an introduction to the settlement and cultural history of the region.
The exhibition focuses on the Neolithic period, highlighting the settlement of Pestenacker and a full-size mould of the floor of a 5500-year-old house with integrated stable.

The presentation of the Roman period, which focuses on the evidence from the excavations of the early Roman settlement on the Auerberg, is also illustrated by reconstructions, including the replica of a travelling carriage and the apse of the bathing building of the "Villa rustica at Schwangau". The tour concludes with a presentation of the rich finds from the well-known Alamannic burial ground at Mindelheim.

Hermelestr. 4
87719 Mindelheim
T 08261 - 69 64
F 08261 - 6905

Please refer to the museum's website for opening hours.