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celtic roman museum manching

The Celtic town near the present-day market town of Manching has been systematically and extensively investigated by the German Archaeological Institute since 1955. Manching was thus the longest continuously-running excavation project in Germany to be carried out by the German Archaeological Institute. The interest in the settlement corresponds to the status of this unique monument, as the oppidum of Manching ranks alongside Alesia and Bibracte at the top of the list of late Celtic cities in Central Europe.

The architecturally outstanding Celtic and Roman Museum is divided into two large sections, both structurally and thematically. The first part of the exhibition is dedicated to the diverse finds from the huge Celtic city of Manching, reflecting its pan-European significance. At the centre of the second section are the impressive remains of two 15-metre-long Roman ships from the fort at Oberstimm. The Roman occupation of southern Bavaria is presented around these large artefacts. A particular focus is on "transport geography".

In the spacious rooms and the adjoining outdoor area, the museum's educational programme sets a lively tone within the Bavarian museum landscape, especially for families. 

The lecture series "Manching Lectures on Archaeology and History", in which renowned academics take laypeople on a journey into the world of archaeology, is very popular. To the overview.

In the museum shop you will find a selection of jewellery, literature and replicas.

Im Erlet 2
85077 Manching
T 08459 - 323730

Please refer to the museum's website for opening hours.